With an increasingly regulated business environment, ensuring compliance with the volume of legislation affecting your business, can no longer be left to a little knowledge and good sense.

The modern business climate is unforgiving of companies that fail to discharge their legal obligations. Failure to comply fully can have disastrous and disproportionate effect on the health of your business.

Judicium is a specialist legal consultancy focusing on the ‘dry, but critical’ compliance issues faced by every company and organisation in the UK.

Whether it’s employment law, health and safety, data protection or work permit requirements, our dedicated consultants are able to review your current procedures and assist you to design and implement a compliance plan tailored specifically to your business.

The sheer number and complexity of laws governing the employment relationship, coupled with an increasing propensity to litigate, means that employers must consider the risk of liability arising from almost every decision that involves an employee.

Many of our clients were initially reluctant to invest in the expense of auditing their employment procedures and practices. Often it has taken a crisis to persuade them that it makes financial sense to have Judicium conduct a review to determine if they were in compliance with UK and EU laws and regulations.

Judicium works with its clients to find the most cost-effective way to reduce the risk of liability. We do this by:

  • Document compliance audits to identify weaknesses;
  • Devising policies and procedures to provide maximum protection;
  • Drafting or updating documents to achieve best practice compliance;
  • Offering continuing advice and assistance;
  • Providing an optional indemnity against the costs of legal action.

Documents that are not properly prepared or updated, frequently turn up as exhibits in employment claims brought by former/prospective employees.

For enquiries regarding employment law compliance, please contacts us at employmentlawadvice@judicium.com.

Health and safety compliance presents one of the most difficult challenges for employers in the UK. Constantly changing legislation in this field means that many organisations struggle to keep up with their legal obligations. The difficulties are aggravated in this area as non-compliance can result in criminal proceedings in addition to civil penalties.

Judicium provides a comprehensive range of health and safety services throughout the UK. Our consultants have the depth of knowledge and experience to help you ensure legal compliance and implement best practice procedures. Our range of services includes:

  • Health and safety audits;
  • Conducting risk assessments;
  • Drafting health and safety policies;
  • Full outsourcing services;
  • Health and safety training;
  • VDU Regulations Compliance;
  • Fire Risk Assessment;
  • Stress Risk Assessments;
  • Food Safety Services.

Whatever the nature and size of your business, Judicium offers a range of solutions enabling you to manage and control an efficient and effective Health & Safety system.

If you would like to get a cost estimate for our health and safety services, please call our helpdesk on 020 7336 8403 or email us at enquiries@judicium.com.

Judicium provides high quality, pragmatic consultancy services in the areas of work-related UK immigration and associated compliance issues.

The bulk of our work is connected to sponsorship under Tier 2 of the Points Based System, including applications for Sponsor Licences for employers and associated support services, but we also deal with other applications for leave to remain and leave to enter under work or business-related immigration categories such as Sole Representatives, Investors, Entrepreneurs, Artists, Entertainers, Sportspeople and services for individuals under EEA Regulations, Nationality Law and the Immigration Rules.

Through our subsidiary, we offer:

  • Expert, up-to-date knowledge;
  • Clear and constructive information and advice;
  • Real attention to clients’ needs;
  • Comprehensive support packages for employers;
  • Flat, clear and transparent fee structures.

For enquiries regarding our corporate immigration services, please contact us at info@uk-wp.com.

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